Aerial Video

Aerial Video

Whether you are a production company, news agency, or an individual looking for high-quality commercial video, Bird’s Eye View Helicopters has the solution for you. Bird’s Eye View’s Versatile gyro stabilization system ensures ultra smooth video and leaves room for a wide variety of camera choices. If you are looking for worry-free video, Use our professional quality video camera and videographer, or feel free to use your own camera equipment and videographer for that personal touch.

NEW – We now have a Tyler Video Gimbal Mount  to support popular video gimbal camera systems, such as Flir Ultramedia, Axsys / Cineflex V14, Polytech, Wescam and Over Shot. The R44 mount can support other sensor packages such as Lidar or  Infrared systems  up to 100lbs . The support frame can be mounted on either right or left side of the aircraft and leaves all doors operational.

Vertical Photography – DSLR cameras – will also support many other sensors and cameras

There are many great uses for our Gyro Systems and Mounts:

  • Infrared or Lidar Surveys
  • Flying other sensor packages
  • Television commercials
  • Television shows
  • News stories
  • Documentaries
  • Motion pictures
  • Boating events
  • Aerial surveillance
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Gyro Stabilized Video
To ensure ultra-smooth video we offer a gyro-stabilization platform for use with video cameras up to 40 pounds.
System uses 2 Kenton Labs Ks-12 gyros
Stabilizes on all 3 axes
Supports cameras ranging from 5 – 40 pounds

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