Aerial Video

Aerial Video

Whether you are a production company, news agency, or an individual looking for high-quality commercial video, Bird’s Eye View Helicopters has the solution for you. Bird’s Eye View’s Versatile gyro stabilization system ensures ultra smooth video and leaves room for a wide variety of camera choices. If you are looking for worry-free video, Use our professional quality video camera and videographer, or feel free to use your own camera equipment and videographer for that personal touch.

NEW – We now have a Tyler Video Gimbal Mount  to support popular video gimbal camera systems, such as Flir Ultramedia, Axsys / Cineflex V14, Polytech, Wescam and Over Shot. The R44 mount can support other sensor packages such as Lidar or  Infrared systems  up to 100lbs . The support frame can be mounted on either right or left side of the aircraft and leaves all doors operational.

There are many great uses for our Gyro Systems and Mounts:

  • Infrared or Lidar Surveys
  • Flying other sensor packages
  • Television commercials
  • Television shows
  • News stories
  • Documentaries
  • Motion pictures
  • Boating events
  • Aerial surveillance
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Gyro Stabilized Video
To ensure ultra-smooth video we offer a gyro-stabilization platform for use with video cameras up to 40 pounds.
System uses 2 Kenton Labs Ks-12 gyros
Stabilizes on all 3 axes
Supports cameras ranging from 5 – 40 pounds

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