FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Tour Questions

When do I need to arrive for my tour?

Please arrive at the airport and check in 15 minutes prior to your reservation.

Can I Bring My Camera And Take Pictures?

Yes! Pictures are what this is all about! You may bring your camera and take pictures throughout your flight.

How smooth is the ride?

We pride ourselves on giving you the smoothest ride possible. It is not like a roller coaster ride. The ride is incredibly smooth even on windy days. The ride is much smoother than a small airplane. The rotor blades act like a gyro to stabilize and smooth out any turbulence. Trust us, we don’t want to make you sick in our meticulously clean helicopter.

If I am afraid of heights or flying in airplanes will I enjoy the flight?

We have flown many people over the years with various fears and 99% thoroughly enjoyed the flight. Very seldom do we have to abort the flight because someone does not enjoy the experience. It is totally different than a small airplane ride. Check out what Sandra has to say about her experience Sandra’s First Helicopter Experience

How many people can the helicopter hold at one time?

Three passengers at a time as long as the total combined weight does not exceed 600 lbs. Everyone must have their own seat and seat belt.  If a child is under the age of two, they may sit on a parent’s lap.

Are there any restrictions for tours?

There is a two person minimum on all of our tours except for the Intro to Flight, which is restricted to one passenger only. The hour long custom tour is available for 1, 2 or 3 passengers. Due to aircraft limitations, the total passenger weight on any given flight must not exceed 600 pounds, with a limit of 300 pounds per seat. All passengers must occupy a seat and have their own seat belt, no exceptions. No smoking will be allowed on any flight.

Are there any age restrictions to take a flight?

No, tours are great for all ages. All children under 2 years old are required to sit on a lap. Children over 2 years old require to have their own seat.

What if we have a larger group then three?

With larger groups we can do back-to-back flights.

Tour Questions

Is there going to be anyone else on the flight with us?

All flights are scheduled by group, so flights will be personalized flights for your group only.

Which lighthouses do you see on the Lighthouse Experience?

Rose Island, Goat Island, Beavertail, Castle Hill, Dutch Island, Hog Island and Ida Lewis.

How long have you been doing the scenic tours?

Since 2000.

What kind of helicopter do you fly?

A Robinson Raven R-44.

What is the tour season?

There is no season because we fly year round.

How can I have my boat photographed?

Custom boat photo shoots are available in the CT, MA, and RI tri-state area. Please call for an appointment.

How can I have my home photographed?

Custom real estate photo shoots are available in the CT, MA, and RI tri-state area. Please call for an appointment.

Reservation Questions

What are your hours of operation?

We are available by phone between 9AM to 5PM, seven days a week.  We are available to fly most days between 9AM and 5PM and later in the summer months. Please call us at 401-843-8687 or use our online reservation system to check for availability.  We fly year round, weather permitting.

What are the flight times?

There are no set flight times. All our flights are done by reservation, so please call 401.843.8687 and find out our availability.

How far in advance do you need to make a reservation?

From a day to a week ahead of time, especially in the summer months.

Do you accept walk-ins?

We do if there is time available, but you should always call 401.843.8687 ahead as some days are not available due to special events or routine maintenance.

What if we need to cancel for any reason?

We require that you give us 24 hours notice for any cancellations. If it is less than 24 hours there will be a charge of $75 per tour. If you are scheduled for an hour long tour or photo flight, we require at least 72 hours or there will be a charge of $300 per hour.

Where are you located?

The Newport State Airport (Colonel Wood Airpark), 211 Airport Access Road, Middletown (see blue Airpark signs).

Weather Questions

What if the flight is cancelled because of weather?

If the flight is cancelled because of weather, then it is our cancellation and there will be no charge. If we have to cancel due to weather, we will call you up to 1 hour before your flight time. If you need more notice than 1 hour, please give us a call.

What kind of weather would keep the helicopter on the ground?

Heavy rain, snow, and low visibility (heavy fog) are the main reasons for staying on the ground.

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